• How to cook a tantalizing blog

    Serving size: one creative blog with beauty and wit Yield: potential viral number of views Ingredients 1 large germ of an idea 7 cups of original storyline 1 dash of krahnpixian powder 3 slices of self-deprecating humour 2 -3 processed photos 1-2 captions Instructions Mix idea germ and 1 cup of storyline in a large… Continue Reading

  • Sentinels on duty

    It’s a common sight. A hawk stands motionless on a post, piercing eyes scanning the territory like a sentinel on duty. Clearly there are dangers lurking on the prairies that we know not of. I am thankful for the protection. As summer gives way to winter, sentinels perform a changing of the guard without pomp… Continue Reading

  • Sleepy encounters

    My first sighting of sea otters was rather different than I expected. First of all they were huge! I’ve seen river otters before but this was a whole different weight class. A head to head encounter in water could be an eyebrow raising experience. I also expected to see constant motion with adept swimming and… Continue Reading

  • Wildlife Familiarity Index

    One of my many confounding questions is why readers keep coming back to Krahnpix. I have chased dead ends, missed humourous opportunities by a city block and unintentionally, as well as intentionally, confused everyone at some point. And yet here we are! Just as confusing is why people like some wildlife photos better than others… Continue Reading

  • Shameless feeding

    I’m beginning to think that predators have no shame. Watching a large, powerful bear eat grass still strikes me as a little awkward. All those muscles, teeth and claws should be attacking something more worthy. It’s embarrassing really. But I topped that on a recent trip to California. We were looking for whales and were… Continue Reading

  • California culture shock

    When I left the prairies to look for wildlife in northern California, the first thing I found was … culture shock. I am used to creatures built for speed, camouflage and generally avoiding me, but dealing with sea creatures left me scrambling to figure the whole thing out. Here are five things I learned along… Continue Reading

  • Camouflage free

    It’s been a long time between moose sightings so maybe you’ll forgive me for nearly driving into the ditch when I spotted this guy. The beauty of moose is that they are perfectly suited for my wildlife spotting skills. They are huge – almost impossible to miss – and their natural dark camouflage is particularly useless… Continue Reading