• Photography imitates life

    “When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.” Eric Hoffer, philosopher I don’t know anything about this philosopher but his quote rings true. It’s actually quite amusing to observe this behaviour as it happens. Watch two people enjoying a conversation and they will naturally mimic each other’s body positions. And… Continue Reading

  • Retroactive Resolution

    I should give myself an award or something. And now that I think about it, I should have also made a New Year’s resolution out of my decision to go cold turkey. After all, resolutions are mostly about quitting things like not exercising, not eating or not having fun. This one fits right in. Maybe… Continue Reading

  • Edgy advice no one wants

    I am astounded that aspiring wildlife photographers aren’t lining up to acquire my tried-and-true methods for making better wild critter images. It’s almost like they suspect I don’t follow my own advice! Wherever do they get this idea? This lack of interest in no way dampens my enthusiasm to share them anyway. My only caution is not to use them all at once!… Continue Reading

  • Unexpected vistas

    Location matters a lot in photography. “If you want to take more interesting pictures, stand in front of more interesting stuff
” – Joe McNally That’s why I constantly strive to be standing in front of wildlife. But a funny thing happens along the way – I occasionally end up distracted by beautiful vistas. Most of the… Continue Reading

  • Help!

    Clearly I need your assistance. I thot I was good at picking my best wildlife photo but it turns out I’m just confused. Last year, I trolled through my blog posts and picked my 10 favourite wildlife photos. You, the readers, voted on the best one. That was great! The problem was that the photo that came in number… Continue Reading

  • My Permanent Prairie Psafari

    Could it be that a safari isn’t just an adventure but a state of being? I like to think of a safari as driving around in a sweetly decked out four-wheel drive with ridiculously expensive camera gear peering out of port holes like automatic rifles. Every few minutes the vehicle stops to the sound of shutters firing as an exotic African predator takes… Continue Reading

  • Is One a Mob?

    G’day Mob! The onslaught of winter has frozen my lips and got me writing Australian … or maybe it’s that I promised Mandy I would borrow her blog greeting. It cracks me up every time I read that phrase – maybe because I’ve never been part of a mob before or visited Australia. But enough… Continue Reading