• Help!

    Clearly I need your assistance. I thot I was good at picking my best wildlife photo but it turns out I’m just confused. Last year, I trolled through my blog posts and picked my 10 favourite wildlife photos. You, the readers, voted on the best one. That was great! The problem was that the photo that came in number… Continue Reading

  • My Permanent Prairie Psafari

    Could it be that a safari isn’t just an adventure but a state of being? I like to think of a safari as driving around in a sweetly decked out four-wheel drive with ridiculously expensive camera gear peering out of port holes like automatic rifles. Every few minutes the vehicle stops to the sound of shutters firing as an exotic African predator takes… Continue Reading

  • Is One a Mob?

    G’day Mob! The onslaught of winter has frozen my lips and got me writing Australian … or maybe it’s that I promised Mandy I would borrow her blog greeting. It cracks me up every time I read that phrase – maybe because I’ve never been part of a mob before or visited Australia. But enough… Continue Reading

  • Tongue in Cheek Collection

    Wildlife photography is a serious pursuit. Except when it’s not. Oh sure, there is highly refined gear to master, an artistic and technical learning curve, and it really helps to have luck mixed with whatever patience I can muster. The eagerly awaited results can be jaw dropping or mortifying – both only add to the hopelessly… Continue Reading

  • Sandhill Cranes, Mud and Alligators

    How do I keep my naturally ahem calm and focused demeanour? I have learned to take the shortest, fastest and sometimes unorthodox path between two points. Force me on the road more travelled and I may become … well … a little less calm. I assure you the problem lies not with me – just the obstacles and detours… Continue Reading

  • The Day Quill Died

    It really isn’t that big a deal. Wild animals die all the time. Why make a fuss? Predators kill their prey, animals die from disease and sometimes wildlife will even kill the young of their own species. The natural order of things has a rough edge. With all that death around, why should it be… Continue Reading