• National Geographic Calling?

    It’s really happening … ??? Motorcycle sound (who uses that for a ring tone?!?) Me: Hello? (slightly annoyed after having my nap disturbed) Unidentified caller: Hello. May I speak to Mr. Craunpixel please? Me: No one here by that name. You must have the wrong number. (I lift my finger to disconnect phone) Unidentified caller: Wait! I’m… Continue Reading

  • Not again!

    For a guy who hates repetition, I seem to have this odd habit of endlessly learning the same lessons. Is it possible to have important information locked in neurons that never land anywhere in my brain? I considered a cash reward for readers … I take photos of beautiful things. Well actually, I take photos of a… Continue Reading

  • Polite Canadians a myth?

    Canadians may have a reputation for being polite but I always thot that included a good dose of mythology. I have noticed some not-so-polite things done by Canadians. Two stories caught my attention that might shed light on the subject. A while back there was a short public debate on whether our national symbol should… Continue Reading

  • Photography imitates life

    “When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.” Eric Hoffer, philosopher I don’t know anything about this philosopher but his quote rings true. It’s actually quite amusing to observe this behaviour as it happens. Watch two people enjoying a conversation and they will naturally mimic each other’s body positions. And… Continue Reading

  • Retroactive Resolution

    I should give myself an award or something. And now that I think about it, I should have also made a New Year’s resolution out of my decision to go cold turkey. After all, resolutions are mostly about quitting things like not exercising, not eating or not having fun. This one fits right in. Maybe… Continue Reading

  • Edgy advice no one wants

    I am astounded that aspiring wildlife photographers aren’t lining up to acquire my tried-and-true methods for making better wild critter images. It’s almost like they suspect I don’t follow my own advice! Wherever do they get this idea? This lack of interest in no way dampens my enthusiasm to share them anyway. My only caution is not to use them all at once!… Continue Reading

  • Unexpected vistas

    Location matters a lot in photography. “If you want to take more interesting pictures, stand in front of more interesting stuff
” – Joe McNally That’s why I constantly strive to be standing in front of wildlife. But a funny thing happens along the way – I occasionally end up distracted by beautiful vistas. Most of the… Continue Reading