• I got nothing!

    It’s official. The drought on our prairies has become a barometer for my creativity. The stunted crops are languishing in the heat and forest fires are showering us with smoke. We need water and the rejuvenation that comes with it. And I fondly remember cooler weather. After 270 blogs, it feels like my creativity well has also run… Continue Reading

  • Staying Awkward

    I remember many ages being a bit awkward and the current one isn’t any better. It might have something to do with acting my age. I’m pretty sure my maturity peaked in grade nine. I’m almost positive I’d do better a second time around if afforded the opportunity … but then again maybe not. If… Continue Reading

  • Sooo hot!

    Imagine you step outside and the blistering heat takes your breath away, seeps into your pores and feels like its sizzling your inner core. You try to find relief but heat has you surrounded and there’s no place to hide. Then imagine a cloud appears and gently releases large flakes of fluffy snow. They slowly… Continue Reading

  • Peer pressure in the wild

    On more than one occasion I have watched birds stand perfectly motionless on one leg in the water. Enquiring minds want to know why. If you believe what you read on the internet, there seem to be two primary reasons. One is to prevent heat loss which is greater in the water than air. The… Continue Reading

  • Singing Simplicity

    I have an uncomplicated relationship with singing (not that anyone ever asked). I do it when no one’s around. It’s a simple rule that I find easy to follow. I don’t need a second opinion about my singing ability or any of the other performing arts for that matter. Something tells me I have a… Continue Reading

  • Oh for pete’s sake just say yes already!

    I like to think that I’m a thotful guy. If you ask me a tough question, I’ll often come up with an interesting perspective (at least to me) or I’ll admit if I don’t know. My problem is that I often get stumped by easy questions. When people look at one of my photos and… Continue Reading