• Mother where art thou?

    Imagine you are an eaglet … Your first memory is being entombed in dark, tight, smelly quarters. Mustering all your strength, you finally manage to crack your prison shell and stagger out to a cruel world. You blink your eyes and catch the first glimpse of a rather fierce looking creature who turns out to be… Continue Reading

  • Tricked by a Sandhill Crane!

    It started out easy enough. I was hired (in a volunteer sort of way) by the Sandhill Crane Association Of Central Saskatchewan In Autumn (SCAOCSIA) to update their photos. The SCAOCSIA wanted me to take some snappy new photos before the members all took off for parts unknown. I met with the leading sandhill cranes who… Continue Reading

  • Name a mountain? No problem!

    Mount Krahn. I do like the sound of that. This whole mountain naming thing started simple enough with a posse of my pre-teen prairie cousins. We got lured into climbing up to the next ridge when visiting relatives in British Columbia. Inspired by the view, we decided to scale the modest mountain and claim it… Continue Reading

  • Cute? Oh ya! Cuddly? Maybe not.

    This blog is all about cute photos. I think it’s my daughter’s influence. Whenever I ask whether she likes one of my photos, she understands the question. It’s not one of those biased “do you like my new hair style” queries with only one acceptable answer. I may be a bit odd that way but I… Continue Reading

  • Grousing about baseball

    Baseball, photography and grouse have a lot in common. Yes, initially that surprised me too but then I used to play ball. The strongest memory from my playing days happened during a tight game in the neighbouring town. The opposing pitcher was throwing some scary fast balls and our team was striking out. Eventually it was my turn… Continue Reading

  • Pity the optimists

    I had big dreams of capturing amazing photos of a fox, lynx, owl and bugling elk. Why not? I was spending three days in a place where these wonderful creatures live and it was the right time of year for bugling elk! Even a realist can sometimes hope! The initial excitement eased a bit as the kilometres, hours… Continue Reading

  • Going rogue

    I thot there were rules about these situations. They were just supposed to work … like gravity or hawks flying away. I find a hawk and immediately run sophisticated mathematical probabilities in my head to determine how close I can get without scaring it off. By that time, I’m coasting with the engine off and my truck window open.… Continue Reading