• Oh for pete’s sake just say yes already!

    I like to think that I’m a thotful guy. If you ask me a tough question, I’ll often come up with an interesting perspective (at least to me) or I’ll admit if I don’t know. My problem is that I often get stumped by easy questions. When people look at one of my photos and… Continue Reading

  • Wildlife photography is like … hockey??

    Surprisingly, hockey and wildlife photography are eerily similar. Think about it: There are lots of shots but few hit the target (add a decimal place for successful wildlife photography percentages) There are incredible highs of victory and the terrible lows of defeat – nothing worth winning is any different A lucky shot counts the same… Continue Reading

  • Fishing for humour!

    Fishing is really a confusing activity for me – at least the part that people find attractive. After spending enormous amounts of money on all sorts of odd-looking gear and colourful hooks, you hang on to a rod in a boat that’s not really going anywhere. If by some remote chance a fish does bite,… Continue Reading

  • Software Safari 

    While my friends regale me with stories of African safaris and incredible wildlife encounters, I somehow got myself mired in the mucky world of learning software. How did this happen? Once upon a time I decided to kick up my photography a notch by moving to better photo processing software. It seemed like a courageous step… Continue Reading

  • My photography secret

    It occurred to me that I have never revealed my best advice for photography. I can sum it up well in just two words – marry well. I have heard many examples of spouses showing complete disregard for all things photography including an aversion to stopping for landscapes and wildlife. Thankfully that’s not my story.… Continue Reading

  • Fight!!

    It looks serious. Two young bull elk going head to head. Great action! But wait a minute it’s spring so that means no females going to the victor. This isn’t the elk rut. What’s going on? A true story my son told me might put this in perspective. In his early 20s, he went tree planting… Continue Reading

  • The muskrat conspiracy

    It’s hard to find people who admit they like us muskrats unless, of course, they’re discussing fur coats. For obvious reasons, I really don’t like talking about that much! Here’s what typically happens. Half the people see the photo above and just move right along – nothing good to see here. The other half think I… Continue Reading