• Going rogue

    I thot there were rules about these situations. They were just supposed to work … like gravity or hawks flying away. I find a hawk and immediately run sophisticated mathematical probabilities in my head to determine how close I can get without scaring it off. By that time, I’m coasting with the engine off and my truck window open.… Continue Reading

  • Ready … set …

    So why would I post an interview with myself? It turns out everyone else had better things to do! Just another confusing day at Krahnpix. So what’s been going on with Krahnpix? Does it still have a pulse? I’ve heard nothing but crickets since July.  Not much to report. In fact nothing at all. Too bad… Continue Reading

  • Time to change the calendar

    “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” Albert Einstein Krahnpix is committed to changing the stodgy old calendar as a public service to the world. Of course everyone intuitively understands our current calendars are seriously flawed. What’s with leap years, random number of days in a month and… Continue Reading

  • Babies hacked my blog?

    Babies? Cute photos? Tender moments? Has Krahnpix been hacked? Well um perhaps. Or maybe I’m taking a temporary detour. Don’t worry. The predators, rougher edges and brassy humour haven’t been totally abandoned. It’s just that I got seriously sidetracked by babies two weeks ago. No that is not a misprint. Everywhere we went in Jasper National Park, the newer… Continue Reading

  • Just don’t call that heron small!

    The name great blue heron gives off all these positive vibes of a large, regal bird even before seeing it. Sadly, I didn’t find one during my wanderings one day last fall. There is a reason that large birds get an extra 15 points on my bird likeability index. Typically, I find the big ones… Continue Reading

  • Finding Photos in Expected Places

    Can you “see” a photo before you make it? One person couldn’t. I recall Darwin Wigget describing how he had his camera set up on a tripod to take a landscape shot. Someone wandered by and asked what he was photographing. Darwin invited him to look through his camera. The person was surprised at the… Continue Reading

  • Worst. Filter. Ever.

    It is almost discouraging this photo appears reasonable … despite the terrible filter. How could this happen? I admit to spending some money getting quality lenses. A huge factor with each purchase was trying to figure out which lens would provide a sharp image. After I buy a lens, I meticulously keep it clean, so dust or… Continue Reading