• Gulls 1 Elephant Seals 0

    Do you know what often drives me crazy? Well there’s quite a few things actually but today I’m talking about the little things. Apparently I’m not alone. Elephant seals come to selected beaches to have their young and mate. By my limited observation, the rest of the beach time seems to involve a lot of sleeping and hanging… Continue Reading

  • UFO Otters??

    You’d think that the otter relatives would have a few similarities but I’m beginning to have serious doubts. It’s not that I have a lot of experience observing. For the last few decades, otters have been pretty much like UFOs and Sasquatches – lots of reports of sightings and a few blurry photos that really… Continue Reading

  • A Stunning Redhead

    When I say redhead with brown eyes and a beautiful body – you imagine a turkey vulture right? I thought so! I had to go all the way to California to find this beauty. That stunning face really stands out against the coastal fog. I like her choice of a black scarf to contrast that lovely… Continue Reading

  • How Do You Like Your Pelicans?

    If you live a long way from the coast like I do there is no choice. Pelicans come in only the large size and one colour combination – brilliant white with classic black and yellowy orange trim. They come equipped with a standard expandable bill that can hold a whopping three gallons of water and,… Continue Reading

  • Fog-Inducing Travel

      I’m not sure if anyone noticed but there’s been nothing but crickets on Krahnpix for weeks. One of my excuses is that my camera and I just returned from California. Since I am not a travel blogger (and a lousy traveller), I waited to get home to share my stories and pictures. Now I… Continue Reading

  • Waiting for Krahnpix

    Being an introvert snowy owl is nice but it can get lonely. Day and night I’m out in the winter cold all by myself. We snowy owls tend not to hang out with each other for reasons that escape me now. But we’ve always done it this way so there’s no reason to change. Despite what… Continue Reading