• A reason to howl  

    Imagine a bright moon, a calm night and the echoes of wolves howling at a full moon. The mere thot runs shivers down my spine. Then imagine getting a photo of that iconic scene. Priceless. But suddenly the image is exploded by the ruthless pin of reality. It turns out I’ve howled at the moon more often than wolves.… Continue Reading

  • Honestly? It’s about me!

    Does the world really need another sandhill crane photo? I highly doubt it. An image search on Mr. Internet provides a mind-boggling wealth of sandhill crane photos. Most are pretty good and some are truly amazing. Whatever I can imagine is already there! And yet here I am offering up three more photos. Enquiring minds… Continue Reading

  • What really happened?

    The patient wildlife photography way … I get a tip from a friend about an eagle that frequents a secluded spot and immediately check it out. I find the eagle and start preparations. During the night, I set up my blind and crawl into it during the early morning hours. For three days I sit… Continue Reading

  • The other side of cute

    I decided, after the fact, that this is my third post in a series on cuteness. The first post was the adorable sea otter pup which is universally loved. The second post featured the unique American coot chick which gets either cute or ugly responses – its beauty must be an acquired taste. Today’s post features… Continue Reading

  • Are coot kids cool?

    It’s easy to overlook American coots since they seem to inhabit every bit of water around the countryside. Their plentiful numbers indicate they have no trouble raising their young. It took a few springs but I eventually noticed something unusual about coot kiddies. They all look adopted. Those little coots are the most amusing and… Continue Reading