• Staying Awkward

    I remember many ages being a bit awkward and the current one isn’t any better. It might have something to do with acting my age. I’m pretty sure my maturity peaked in grade nine. I’m almost positive I’d do better a second time around if afforded the opportunity … but then again maybe not. If… Continue Reading

  • Software Safari 

    While my friends regale me with stories of African safaris and incredible wildlife encounters, I somehow got myself mired in the mucky world of learning software. How did this happen? Once upon a time I decided to kick up my photography a notch by moving to better photo processing software. It seemed like a courageous step… Continue Reading

  • Shaky Assumptions 

    Here’s my theory. We constantly make stuff up based on shaky assumptions and thin evidence. It even happens in photography. Good images tell stories or that’s what I’ve been told. But I don’t think that’s the whole err … story I often look at photos and imagine stories around them. With just a thin slice… Continue Reading

  • Is One a Mob?

    G’day Mob! The onslaught of winter has frozen my lips and got me writing Australian … or maybe it’s that I promised Mandy I would borrow her blog greeting. It cracks me up every time I read that phrase – maybe because I’ve never been part of a mob before or visited Australia. But enough… Continue Reading

  • Cute? Oh ya! Cuddly? Maybe not.

    This blog is all about cute photos. I think it’s my daughter’s influence. Whenever I ask whether she likes one of my photos, she understands the question. It’s not one of those biased “do you like my new hair style” queries with only one acceptable answer. I may be a bit odd that way but I… Continue Reading

  • Finding Photos in Expected Places

    Can you “see” a photo before you make it? One person couldn’t. I recall Darwin Wigget describing how he had his camera set up on a tripod to take a landscape shot. Someone wandered by and asked what he was photographing. Darwin invited him to look through his camera. The person was surprised at the… Continue Reading