• Beauty or a Beast?

    I know this is hard to believe but my daughter thinks I’m wrong! The only proper way to settle this is to let the people decide. So here’s a reasonable facsimile of how our conversation went. Read it and then tell us who you think is right. But first a little background. On our last… Continue Reading

  • Gulls 1 Elephant Seals 0

    Do you know what often drives me crazy? Well there’s quite a few things actually but today I’m talking about the little things. Apparently I’m not alone. Elephant seals come to selected beaches to have their young and mate. By my limited observation, the rest of the beach time seems to involve a lot of sleeping and hanging… Continue Reading

  • California culture shock

    When I left the prairies to look for wildlife in northern California, the first thing I found was … culture shock. I am used to creatures built for speed, camouflage and generally avoiding me, but dealing with sea creatures left me scrambling to figure the whole thing out. Here are five things I learned along… Continue Reading