• Scramble Time!

    It’s happened hundreds of times. I catch a glimpse of wildlife, like a young elk, and my brain sends the adrenaline pumping thru my veins. It’s scramble time! Since I’m usually in my four-wheel blind when it happens, I quickly navigate into position, open my window and start reaching for my camera in one smooth… Continue Reading

  • Sooo hot!

    Imagine you step outside and the blistering heat takes your breath away, seeps into your pores and feels like its sizzling your inner core. You try to find relief but heat has you surrounded and there’s no place to hide. Then imagine a cloud appears and gently releases large flakes of fluffy snow. They slowly… Continue Reading

  • Singing Simplicity

    I have an uncomplicated relationship with singing (not that anyone ever asked). I do it when no one’s around. It’s a simple rule that I find easy to follow. I don’t need a second opinion about my singing ability or any of the other performing arts for that matter. Something tells me I have a… Continue Reading

  • Fight!!

    It looks serious. Two young bull elk going head to head. Great action! But wait a minute it’s spring so that means no females going to the victor. This isn’t the elk rut. What’s going on? A true story my son told me might put this in perspective. In his early 20s, he went tree planting… Continue Reading

  • Babies hacked my blog?

    Babies? Cute photos? Tender moments? Has Krahnpix been hacked? Well um perhaps. Or maybe I’m taking a temporary detour. Don’t worry. The predators, rougher edges and brassy humour haven’t been totally abandoned. It’s just that I got seriously sidetracked by babies two weeks ago. No that is not a misprint. Everywhere we went in Jasper National Park, the newer… Continue Reading

  • Finding Photos in Expected Places

    Can you “see” a photo before you make it? One person couldn’t. I recall Darwin Wigget describing how he had his camera set up on a tripod to take a landscape shot. Someone wandered by and asked what he was photographing. Darwin invited him to look through his camera. The person was surprised at the… Continue Reading