• Sandhill Symmetry

    On one fabulous day last fall, I took 1,800 photos of sandhill cranes. Time has not dulled the fondness of that memory. When I take that many photos, I create a huge job of sorting and processing that turns out to be a lot less fun than being there. Initially it was easy to delete… Continue Reading

  • Stalking yellow trees … sort of

    OK stalking yellow trees isn’t hard during fall in Saskatchewan, in fact it’s incredibly easy. I just got this crazy idea that I wanted to get photos of Sandhill Cranes in front of some beautiful yellow leaves. You might think that stubble fields are yellow too, and often a gorgeous yellow, so what’s the problem?… Continue Reading

  • The Fall Collection

    Fall changes everything. It is an annual prairie ritual as amazing as it is predictable. Every year it puts a smile on my face, a jump in my step and a reason to feel good. The colours are brighter, the air is crisper and the beauty richer. I look forward to the explosions of colour… Continue Reading

  • Surprise attack … on the prairies?

    I usually feel safe walking around outside. After all, I live in the grain belt of the prairies – not exactly crawling with violent and venomous creatures. But a surprise encounter last week changed my perspective. There I was just enjoying the gorgeous weather and beautiful fall colours – the last thing on my mind… Continue Reading