• Sandhill Season

    Did you ever get the feeling that you may have been missing out on something? There is a special time of year on the prairies that is quickly becoming my favourite – sandhill season. It starts with the first sighting of Sandhill Cranes in summer and lasts until I can’t find them anymore in fall.… Continue Reading

  • Curing owl envy

    Have you ever had owl envy? It feels like something is just not right. Over the last few months I have been like a kid desperately wanting that special toy for Christmas. The seed was planted last winter when I took my first photo of a snowy owl. That really whet my appetite! With no… Continue Reading

  • A battle of wills

    Since I can be competitive, I am choosing to believe that being out waited is quite different than being out smarted. It all stemmed from an encounter with an osprey which is supposed to have far less than IQ than I. The scene was a glorious place I had visited before. Years ago, we had… Continue Reading

  • I want to fly … or not

    Who wouldn’t want the sensation of flying? The wind in your face, floating on air, ultimate freedom! One skydiver described freefalling between 10,000 feet and 3,000 feet as a surreal experience while speaking in hushed, reverent terms. So who wouldn’t want that thrill? Well … ahem … that would be me. My wife jumped out of a… Continue Reading

  • Perfect

    Why am I coming back to where I’ve never been? I have wandered here before! The sun is warm with a cool edge The leaves are falling away. The stubble sea is glowing gold A combine has come and gone. I drive alone in good company But scanning for something more. Creatures appear in tall… Continue Reading