• Best landscapes this year

    Democracy is such a beautiful thing. I’m offering you another chance to vote! This time it’s on my favourite landscapes from blog posts in 2013. If you happen to wander around this blog a little, you may have noticed I have a tiny preference for wildlife. I like to look for wildlife in beautiful places… Continue Reading

  • Bear guy

    There are groupies who follow their favourite bands across the country, people who flock to country clubs to play golf and fireworks junkies who can’t wait for the next opportunity to smell gunpowder. Did you know grizzly bears have their own loyal band of followers? It’s no secret if you want to set up a… Continue Reading

  • What were they thinking?

    There I was, two days travel into the United States and I stumbled on something eerily Canadian. In fact, it was nothing short of Canada’s iconic symbol! Still something seemed wrong with this picture. This Canadian beaver was looking right at home in this very American neighbourhood. Except of course that the water, mud and… Continue Reading

  • Sleep masters

    I find sleep to be a cruel mirage that taunts me while I search for its mystical powers. I go to bed out of a sense of responsibility and impatiently wait for another restless nite to begin. The process eventually ends when I awake in a coffee-resistant fog. It seems slightly less than ideal. All… Continue Reading

  • Let’s over think this!

    Apparently there are questions that have implied answers. I am learning this … slowly. My wife is quite helpful with advice. These questions might include easy ones like: How are you? Are you keeping busy? How do you like my hair? Acceptable answers are good, oh yes and … this could be awkward, but I… Continue Reading