• Does Wild Really Mean Wild?

    My cursor hovers indecisively over a fantastic wildlife photo. Am I overthinking this? Good grief all that is in play is a lowly like on Facebook! Still I hesitate … There was a time once when I believed a wildlife photo was supposed to be, and I know this sounds a little naive and idealistic,… Continue Reading

  • Do you care?

    I participated in a miracle. The scene was a beautiful, calm winter day in northern Saskatchewan. The sky was muted with heavy cloud cover that looked like it could release snow at any moment. We had the snow-packed gravel road to ourselves. Despite knowing better, I was there in the middle of the day – a less… Continue Reading

  • Curing owl envy

    Have you ever had owl envy? It feels like something is just not right. Over the last few months I have been like a kid desperately wanting that special toy for Christmas. The seed was planted last winter when I took my first photo of a snowy owl. That really whet my appetite! With no… Continue Reading