• Goodbye, Farewell and Goodnight

    Krahnpix was always an odd combination of wildlife photos and my eclectic version of wit. I’m pretty sure I was the biggest fan. I suppose that was a natural outcome of pouring my heart and soul into a project. Through good times and bad, I passionately chased wildlife, learned a few tricks of the trade… Continue Reading

  • Edgy advice no one wants

    I am astounded that aspiring wildlife photographers aren’t lining up to acquire my tried-and-true methods for making better wild critter images. It’s almost like they suspect I don’t follow my own advice! Wherever do they get this idea? This lack of interest in no way dampens my enthusiasm to share them anyway. My only caution is not to use them all at once!… Continue Reading

  • Happy place

    Do you have a happy place? I can think of lots of happy places. You might be surprised how many of them involve bears. One particular meadow comes to mind. One sunny June day, we found a mama grizzly and her three large cubs. They had found a patch of thick spring grass liberally sprinkled… Continue Reading

  • Unnecessarily uneasy

    Have you ever done everything right and still felt little uneasy about the situation? If you’re not married you may not fully understand the feeling. Late one evening in Banff National Park I came upon a grizzly and three older cubs. By the time we arrived, they were steadily moving away from us, far up… Continue Reading

  • The King

    Make no mistake, not everyone is equal in this revered place. There is a hierarchy in Yellowstone that is permanently established in the park code. All the animals, from the smallest to the largest, live by it and all the humans, from the tourists to the park rangers, carefully respect it. That’s why the atmosphere… Continue Reading

  • Who would give bears human characteristics?

    It is entirely possible that I may, on occasion, have given slightly human characteristics to some of the wildlife that snuck into my pictures. If it happened, I blame the children’s books we read to our kids. And yes, I am talking about the Bernstain Bears. Some of you might remember, “Bear Country, where the… Continue Reading