• Sentinels on duty

    It’s a common sight. A hawk stands motionless on a post, piercing eyes scanning the territory like a sentinel on duty. Clearly there are dangers lurking on the prairies that we know not of. I am thankful for the protection. As summer gives way to winter, sentinels perform a changing of the guard without pomp… Continue Reading

  • Wildlife photography is like … hockey??

    Surprisingly, hockey and wildlife photography are eerily similar. Think about it: There are lots of shots but few hit the target (add a decimal place for successful wildlife photography percentages) There are incredible highs of victory and the terrible lows of defeat – nothing worth winning is any different A lucky shot counts the same… Continue Reading

  • Software Safari 

    While my friends regale me with stories of African safaris and incredible wildlife encounters, I somehow got myself mired in the mucky world of learning software. How did this happen? Once upon a time I decided to kick up my photography a notch by moving to better photo processing software. It seemed like a courageous step… Continue Reading

  • Photography imitates life

    “When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.” Eric Hoffer, philosopher I don’t know anything about this philosopher but his quote rings true. It’s actually quite amusing to observe this behaviour as it happens. Watch two people enjoying a conversation and they will naturally mimic each other’s body positions. And… Continue Reading

  • Edgy advice no one wants

    I am astounded that aspiring wildlife photographers aren’t lining up to acquire my tried-and-true methods for making better wild critter images. It’s almost like they suspect I don’t follow my own advice! Wherever do they get this idea? This lack of interest in no way dampens my enthusiasm to share them anyway. My only caution is not to use them all at once!… Continue Reading