• Framed

    I can hear the cynics now. ‘Oh sure you didn’t see the branches when you took the photos and now you’re saying it’s some fancy approach to photography.’ I’m not saying that never happens since branches hone in on my lens like ticks to a moose. But in these cases, I was trying to get the effect of looking… Continue Reading

  • Are you a poser?

    Just bring out a camera and watch the reaction of people. It can be quite amusing as they quickly sort themselves into distinct groups. I recall many years ago accompanying a professional photographer to one of the company’s industrial sites. Our goal was to get photos of workers doing regular jobs for use in the… Continue Reading

  • Predicting the future

    I have to hand it to my American friends. They definitely have a way with signs. I was just trying to stay between the lines on a curvy road when I was abruptly informed that my life’s journey would be hitting a difficult patch. I believe the words they used had something to do with… Continue Reading

  • Bad hair day

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a real bad hair day or a particularly good one. Most days it just seems pretty average. When someone cuts my hair, the person will usually hold up the mirror behind me and show me the same look that I’ve always had. Great, let’s move on. I recall… Continue Reading