• Name a mountain? No problem!

    Mount Krahn. I do like the sound of that. This whole mountain naming thing started simple enough with a posse of my pre-teen prairie cousins. We got lured into climbing up to the next ridge when visiting relatives in British Columbia. Inspired by the view, we decided to scale the modest mountain and claim it… Continue Reading

  • How do you like your bears?

    Whenever I bring up the subject of bears, the reactions are all over the map. When I talked to tourists in Banff National Park last week they just wanted to know where to find them. A sighting immediately created a buzz. A helpful person who worked at a park information centre kept a personal bear count… Continue Reading

  • A battle of wills

    Since I can be competitive, I am choosing to believe that being out waited is quite different than being out smarted. It all stemmed from an encounter with an osprey which is supposed to have far less than IQ than I. The scene was a glorious place I had visited before. Years ago, we had… Continue Reading