• The muskrat conspiracy

    It’s hard to find people who admit they like us muskrats unless, of course, they’re discussing fur coats. For obvious reasons, I really don’t like talking about that much! Here’s what typically happens. Half the people see the photo above and just move right along – nothing good to see here. The other half think I… Continue Reading

  • What’s going on?

    There are days when I take myself too seriously. It never happens when I’m shooting wildlife. There are so many things beyond my control that I just hope for the best and then wonder what just happened. I could keep plugging away until I get the perfect shot but where’s the fun in that? It’s far more… Continue Reading

  • Defending the lowly … by myself

    In the wild kingdom there are many amazing, beautiful or powerful creatures. The muskrat is none of these. But I still feel something for this love-challenged underdog – perhaps it’s my Canadian roots. Unfortunately extolling the muskrat’s virtues is a public relations nightmare. Here’s a creature that is often described as ugly, appears a bit… Continue Reading