• Shameless feeding

    I’m beginning to think that predators have no shame. Watching a large, powerful bear eat grass still strikes me as a little awkward. All those muscles, teeth and claws should be attacking something more worthy. It’s embarrassing really. But I topped that on a recent trip to California. We were looking for whales and were… Continue Reading

  • A painful price for beauty

    A photo may be worth a lot of words but in one case that was not enough! Looking at my Hawaiian ocean photos during the last few days transported me back to a rather unpleasant experience. My memory may have seemed more vivid since I was nursing a face swollen beyond recognition from dental surgery.… Continue Reading

  • End of the road

    I find few things as satisfying as closure. On Hawaii’s Big Island we had the fun of following a road until it stopped at the edge of the uninhabited Polulu Valley. It was the end of the line. Our “pot of gold” was a spectacular view across the ocean with enormous cliffs carving into the oncoming waves. The… Continue Reading

  • Searching for paradise

    Hawaii must be paradise. The licence plate on our rental car declared it and the tourist shops confirmed it. Licence plates don’t lie do they? Was the entire Big Island paradise? This purported paradise certainly has many different looks. Here are photos from five different parts of the island. The fancy resorts on the island’s… Continue Reading