• Reflections

    This water has moods. I have been to this same spot many times. The water in front of me has attracted many creatures so I keep coming back. When I find myself alone, I occasionally make images of the beautiful scenes before me. The water is often dark and foreboding, reflecting what it sees. It… Continue Reading

  • The camera made me strange!

    A funny thing happens when you put a camera in people’s hands. They do odd things! After spending a lot of time taking photos and watching others do the same, I have put together a mock celebration of the unusual behavior of photographers. Have you seen any of these types? 1. Touristy These people are… Continue Reading

  • What I know to be true

    I’m not there yet. My photography journey continues, spurred on by the inspiration of some amazing photographers. But I have learned a few things and I’d like to share six things I now know about photography. It’s entirely possible some of them may be interesting, or even true. 1. I am a photographer. This may… Continue Reading