• a prairie evening

    This past Monday was a good day with a great evening. Could wildlife be a factor? I found myself in the truck wandering around the countryside to see if there was anything to photograph. The shining sun had raised the temperature to a high of 12C (54F) and the air was calm. Near perfect conditions! I… Continue Reading

  • This model knew how to pose!

    I normally don’t photograph models but when I heard about the opportunity to shoot this gorgeous beauty, I jumped at the chance. This was exciting! We had decided on an outdoor shoot to give it a more natural and fresh feel. All the agencies seem to going for that look this year. Last week we… Continue Reading

  • Walk with personality

    I think people’s movements can reflect their personality. For example, have you ever seen high-strung people just saunter around? This got me wondering if my theory holds true in the wild? Last week I was driving aimlessly hoping to cross paths with a beautiful buck. I secretly wonder sometimes if I miss wildlife because I’m lost… Continue Reading

  • A porcupine and an unusual visitor

    Sometimes the strangest visitors show up. I enjoy the view at Lake Louise but there’s a problem. The tranquil view is often disturbed by the less-than-tranquil throngs of people taking each others’ photos at this signature setting. Before we left the region, we decided to check out Lake Louise in the evening when hopefully the… Continue Reading