• OK … now what’s wrong?

    You’ve been working on this relationship and finally it all has come together. You’re focused on the same things and enjoying each others’ company. Life is good! Then you notice that something is different … things are occasionally a little weird … You’re not as close anymore and you look around to try to figure… Continue Reading

  • Am I getting smaller?

    The things that seemed really big when you were a kid end up a being lot smaller when viewed through your adult eyes. Everyone understands that apparently … except me. When I was a kid these birds were less than half the size and had a much more annoying call. Though now that I think… Continue Reading

  • Leave already!

    Think about the most annoying person you know … yes that person. Then imagine that individual showing up just when you were about to eat a particularly nice meal. I think that’s what may have happened to a fox I was watching in Yellowstone. The fox was minding its own business. This largely consisted of… Continue Reading

  • No change for the better here!

    “It is the nature of a man as he grows older to protest against change, particularly change for the better.” John Steinbeck, novelist. That quote always makes me chuckle. I could never understand the pure craziness of preferring a worse option rather than changing. Then I had a scary thot – it might be happening… Continue Reading