• Honestly? It’s about me!

    Does the world really need another sandhill crane photo? I highly doubt it. An image search on Mr. Internet provides a mind-boggling wealth of sandhill crane photos. Most are pretty good and some are truly amazing. Whatever I can imagine is already there! And yet here I am offering up three more photos. Enquiring minds… Continue Reading

  • Edgy advice no one wants

    I am astounded that aspiring wildlife photographers aren’t lining up to acquire my tried-and-true methods for making better wild critter images. It’s almost like they suspect I don’t follow my own advice! Wherever do they get this idea? This lack of interest in no way dampens my enthusiasm to share them anyway. My only caution is not to use them all at once!… Continue Reading

  • Tricked by a Sandhill Crane!

    It started out easy enough. I was hired (in a volunteer sort of way) by the Sandhill Crane Association Of Central Saskatchewan In Autumn (SCAOCSIA) to update their photos. The SCAOCSIA wanted me to take some snappy new photos before the members all took off for parts unknown. I met with the leading sandhill cranes who… Continue Reading

  • One in a crowd

    Photographing large groups of people is usually a bit of a gong show. It’s almost impossible to get a lot of people looking reasonable before someone starts blinking, getting annoyed or crying – and that’s just the adults! With wildlife, it’s sometimes a different set of problems but challenges remain. Flocks of birds may make… Continue Reading

  • Sandhill Symmetry

    On one fabulous day last fall, I took 1,800 photos of sandhill cranes. Time has not dulled the fondness of that memory. When I take that many photos, I create a huge job of sorting and processing that turns out to be a lot less fun than being there. Initially it was easy to delete… Continue Reading