• I want to fly … or not

    Who wouldn’t want the sensation of flying? The wind in your face, floating on air, ultimate freedom! One skydiver described freefalling between 10,000 feet and 3,000 feet as a surreal experience while speaking in hushed, reverent terms. So who wouldn’t want that thrill? Well … ahem … that would be me. My wife jumped out of a… Continue Reading

  • Family feud at Sandhill Crane gathering

    At the end of the story, the Sandhill Cranes are all getting along fine and back to eating. That’s also how the story started … but there was a little incident along the way. To set the scene, think about attending a really large family gathering with some strong personalities. People showed up you may… Continue Reading

  • Perfect

    Why am I coming back to where I’ve never been? I have wandered here before! The sun is warm with a cool edge The leaves are falling away. The stubble sea is glowing gold A combine has come and gone. I drive alone in good company But scanning for something more. Creatures appear in tall… Continue Reading