• UFO Otters??

    You’d think that the otter relatives would have a few similarities but I’m beginning to have serious doubts. It’s not that I have a lot of experience observing. For the last few decades, otters have been pretty much like UFOs and Sasquatches – lots of reports of sightings and a few blurry photos that really… Continue Reading

  • How to cook a tantalizing blog

    Serving size: one creative blog with beauty and wit Yield: potential viral number of views Ingredients 1 large germ of an idea 7 cups of original storyline 1 dash of krahnpixian powder 3 slices of self-deprecating humour 2 -3 processed photos 1-2 captions Instructions Mix idea germ and 1 cup of storyline in a large… Continue Reading

  • Sleepy encounters

    My first sighting of sea otters was rather different than I expected. First of all they were huge! I’ve seen river otters before but this was a whole different weight class. A head to head encounter in water could be an eyebrow raising experience. I also expected to see constant motion with adept swimming and… Continue Reading