• Add Mountain and Stir!

    Capturing the grandeur of a beautiful vista is a huge challenge. Add in the improbable size of a mountain and the task seems insurmountable. And yet I try to retain some of that sense in my photos recognizing that standing there breathing it all in is the best it will ever be. There are quite a… Continue Reading

  • Foggy top?

    I regularly experience fog. It’s typically thickest when I wake up and usually lasts for an hour or so until my head begins to clear. Given my severe aversion to early mornings, I rarely get to see external fog. Usually it’s scheduled too early in the day. So imagine my surprise to see thick fog… Continue Reading

  • Searching for whales

    There’s a unique and dangerous sea creature that prowls the waters of the Arctic. Few have ever heard of it.  Photographying the extremely rare and endangered whalloon is an experience few have enjoyed. I had the incredible opportunity to go to the far north and search for this elusive creature.  The eight-foot-long predator is ideally suited for… Continue Reading