• Scramble Time!

    It’s happened hundreds of times. I catch a glimpse of wildlife, like a young elk, and my brain sends the adrenaline pumping thru my veins. It’s scramble time! Since I’m usually in my four-wheel blind when it happens, I quickly navigate into position, open my window and start reaching for my camera in one smooth… Continue Reading

  • The unknowable path ahead

    Just seeing that merganser thrusting herself up to get a better view makes me smile. With water droplets falling off her feathers, it looks like she’s straining to see the future. She’s not alone. Many creatures have a habit of peering ahead. I can never tell if they are checking for dragons or opportunities or,… Continue Reading

  • Unnecessarily uneasy

    Have you ever done everything right and still felt little uneasy about the situation? If you’re not married you may not fully understand the feeling. Late one evening in Banff National Park I came upon a grizzly and three older cubs. By the time we arrived, they were steadily moving away from us, far up… Continue Reading