• Do I Envy Myself Now?

    We are sitting in a remote mountain coffee shop enjoying great coffee and even greater sweets. A photographer is seated nearby and is soon regaling us with stories of his most exciting wildlife encounters. One story trumped them all. He was driving down a road right near where we were and saw some wolves. His… Continue Reading

  • Cute? Oh ya! Cuddly? Maybe not.

    This blog is all about cute photos. I think it’s my daughter’s influence. Whenever I ask whether she likes one of my photos, she understands the question. It’s not one of those biased “do you like my new hair style” queries with only one acceptable answer. I may be a bit odd that way but I… Continue Reading

  • Can you savour a wolf?

    Are you quick to savour or quick to use? When I get something new, I like to enjoy the process of discovery – get familiar with all the features, check out the manual and slowly ease into using it. It is a luxurious process that makes it seem more special. When another unnamed person in… Continue Reading