Standing in what?

Warning – this blog post is not diet approved and should not be read if you hungry, attempting to eat a balanced diet,  susceptible to binging on sweets, prone to dreaming of chocolate in large quantities or trying to lose weight. Dieticians have determined that no exercise will compensate for the ideas presented here. Krahnpix assumes no responsibility for any calorie intake after reading the contents of this post or any resulting weight gain.

_MG_7700, moose, trees

I’m so pleased you are one of the few people to keep reading.

There is nothing new about watching wild creatures eating. It appears that fills up a good part of their days. But watching this moose chowing down on tender willows seemed different. It was not just grazing on dry grass or inhaling calories that happened along the path. No, this was a full body experience. I think I understand the concept.

The willows seemed to be quite common in Yellowstone, but there was nothing common about their vibrant colour. It looked particularly appealing for a photograph though I didn’t ever manage to completely capture their beauty. The willows added a dash of excited colour to every landscape they touched.

If I thot they looked good, then imagine what a moose would think! This was a buffet fit for a foodie!  I can imagine it would get saliva flowing just thinking about wrapping those big moose lips around some succulent willow branches. Pure enjoyment plus all the nutrients.

So what would be a human equivalent? It depends on your palette, of course, but I’m thinking about standing in freshly baked chocolate cake still warm from the oven and ice cream floating by with gently steaming dry ice to keep it cold. Yes that definitely works for me!

And what strikes your fancy?

_MG_7765 (2), moose, willows

It is not easy finding a moose with a dry nose. They always seem to be near water and regularly take a sip.

_MG_7713, moose, willows

Heading for the ice cream patch.

_MG_7770, moose, willows

Every moose series should have water dripping off its nose. If you look closely you might see a few water droplets.

Latest Comments

  1. melodylowes says:

    Moose are such interesting critters! We see them fairly regularly around here now – it was super rare in the ‘old days’. I saw one trotting down the highway ditch once and thought at first glance it was a horse out of its fence. 🙂 What a great thought, to be in the midst of a smorg. I wonder what it’s like to just walk around and nibble on random things like that???


  2. FeyGirl says:

    Gorgeous animal… I remember the first time I saw one, I was thrown back by how MASSIVE they are.


  3. caleephotography says:

    Would it be wrong to answer moose meat? with boiled potatoes and dille.. ;-P Or perhaps I should just say Pistachio nuts, that would be nice too. Great pictures, Lyle!!


  4. Phil Lanoue says:

    Beautiful setting for the natural food restaurant that Mr. Moose is dining in, but isn’t there a pizza joint anywhere in the area?!


  5. Mike Powell says:

    I love your opening disclaimer and this photos are wonderful too. I have never seen a moose in person, though I have seen the highway warning signs about moose when driving in southern Maine. I was struck by the contrast between the delicate willows and the robust moose. How many willow shoots would a moose have to eat to maintain its weight? I haven’t done any nutritional studies of the willow tree, but it seems to me that it might take almost as many calories to chew on the shoots as you get from ingesting them. Have you considered starting a new fad diet, Lyle?


    • lylekrahn says:

      Thanks. I had a little fun with the disclaimer.

      It is an interesting contrast between the willows and the moose. While at first glance it seems like not much in the way of food, they are remarkably efficient at stripping it off and, like a stream that keeps flowing, they just keep eating. I suppose it all adds up.


  6. morgenfuglen says:

    Beautiful photographs. I especially love the colours in the second and third picture.
    Moose are great animals. The king of the forest, and my favourite meat 🙂


    • lylekrahn says:

      Thanks. The colours were definitely eye-popping. The locals seemed to be all focused on grizzly bears but I loved watching the moose when we had the chance.


  7. Seenorway says:

    I hate to think of how much the equivalent to humans would be, Lyle 🙂 and contrary to the moose I thing we would hav e to spend the rest of the day running up and down the hills in the mountains unless you’d aspire to some sort of a weight record? I believe it somewhere around 1200 lbs for the time being? (No thanks)


  8. vanbraman says:

    I am glad that this is not the animal that I hit tonight. It might have been life threatening.


  9. sherijkennedyriverside says:

    Mmmm…chocolate moose…or no, that’s mousse, I think. One of my favorites for sure. But I can see the appeal of fresh willows. 🙂


  10. Deb W. Trotter says:

    Great shots. I love the chance to see moose. We had a five moose vacation a few years back in the Tetons and Glacier. As for feeding – I’m waiting for the wild blackberry vines taking over part of our back yard to give us their fruit. Nothing like standing there, picking and eating the sun-warmed, sweets, whenever the fancy strikes!


  11. Honie Briggs says:

    My neighbor owns the company that makes Chocolate Moose Tracks ice cream flavors. That’s sounds good about now. Terrific shots!!


  12. Pam says:

    Gorgeous moose, especially with the willows in the background.


  13. artsifrtsy says:

    I’m thinking Cheetos sound particularly good right now 🙂 What a cool set. I love moose, I got the chance to photograph one very briefly in Rocky Mountain National Park last year – massive regal beasts.


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