Retroactive Resolution

I should give myself an award or something.


I look back wistfully at days like this when there was a hawk and I had a camera to shoot it!

And now that I think about it, I should have also made a New Year’s resolution out of my decision to go cold turkey. After all, resolutions are mostly about quitting things like not exercising, not eating or not having fun. This one fits right in. Maybe too much warm turkey clouded my occasional clear thinking.

So here it is – I haven’t tripped the shutter on a real camera for 35 days (I don’t count camera phones). I think that’s pretty impressive especially since I usually think of myself as a photographer. After a week off, I typically get these irresistible urges to focus on something, anything, and even magpies start to look good!

My amazing accomplishment was significantly aided by giving it a good shot, luck and a confluence of factors over which I had absolutely no control. Hmm … sounds a lot like getting good wildlife photos!

A busy Christmas season was a key factor. Then along came some interminably cold weather with wind chills that started with a 3 or 4. The capstone was sending my camera and long lens in for upgrades and repairs that I had postponed for months.

I can’t recall the last time I was so unarmed for wildlife photos. It is a strange feeling looking into an empty camera case. The only thing I can do if a huge moose shows up now is enjoy it.

I woke this morning to hoar frost and knew there was a snowy owl somewhere that was posing. I noticed my forefinger twitching and my heart skipped a beat but thankfully it passed quickly. Other than that I’m doing ok. Thanks for asking!

Now I wonder if there are any other retroactive resolutions I should claim?

Latest Comments

  1. Mandy says:

    I like that line: The only thing I can do if a huge moose shows up now is enjoy it. Often we get caught up in writing/photography and miss the simple things; yet better to be observing through a lens or through words than glued to the mindless screen of a phone/computer.


  2. Jeff | Planet Bell says:

    Congratulations on keeping up with your retroactive resolution. That takes great will power. This is the time of year when I take a break from photos usually and it makes it more fun when I go back to it.


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      I appreciate that – it’s not easy!!

      There are natural rhythms that can make things so much better. It sounds like you have a good one. Maybe i should follow your example next year.


  3. Phil Lanoue says:

    Good idea I think about taking a bit of a break, and it does sound like a good time to send in any gear for a spruce up.
    In general, I tend to go along with the wildlife in terms of resolutions though. For instance, the bald eagle doesn’t say…’this year I will not steal the osprey’s fish, he worked hard for it, I’ll let him keep it’. And the raccoon does not resolve to stop dumping my trash can this year and making a huge mess.
    You will be back at it soon enough I expect.


  4. Steve Gingold says:

    I think the retroactive part is sheer genius, Lyle.


  5. Seenorway says:

    What a bird!!! (Lucky you!)


  6. Mike Powell says:

    Retroactive resolutions? That concept has a potentially great attraction in so many areas of life. Why shouldn’t we get credit for things we have done, even if they were unintentional? I’m curious to learn how you have spent the hours that you would otherwise have spent with your camera. Have you had to deal with other people more? Do you prefer your interactions with wildlife?


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      There’s nothing quite like writing up a list and then immediately marking it complete. Satisfaction guaranteed.

      I had this grand plan that I would spend a lot more time editing my photos and organizing thousands of them while I didn’t have my gear. Sadly I seem to be slow to getting started on that giant task – it’s more fun to do just about anything else. No stroking off on that list! Maybe next week!

      Now to your other interesting questions. I am a classic introvert. I thoroughly enjoy being alone to recharge my energy but I also enjoy meaningful conversations especially with friends and have been able to do that. When it comes to larger groups, receptions and the inevitable small talk, then the wildlife invariably comes out on top.


  7. Lavinia Ross says:

    Another way to look at it is that sometimes taking a break from some endeavor allows one to come back with a fresh heart & mind and fresh eye, allowing growth and progress. Looking forward to more photos from you this year, Lyle! Although hard to say how your photos could be any better that what you have done already. They are outstanding now.


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      As usual, you are absolutely right. I am fuelled by passion not discipline in photography so I’m sure it will be great fun to get my camera back and get into it again. I do appreciate the beauty you ascribe to my photos. However, the thing that keeps me going is trying to get a better shot – when I look closely there’s always things that could be better. Time away also helps me keep that in perspective with enjoying what I have.


  8. donna213 says:

    When I was sick last September, I was like you not using a camera for over a month. Funny thing about it, I weirdly did not miss taking photos as much as I thought I would. I think it has to do with not finding new or interesting animals for me. The time off made me realize, we really don’t get that much variety here. Maybe you need to send a few bears, wolves and moose my way! At least your camera will come back to you and you can be moose hunting once again.


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      Variety in species does help with keeping interest levels up. The sea turtles in Hawaii a few winters ago sure did that for me. As for the bears, it could be a bit tricky waking them up and sending them your way but I’ll get right on it after eating!!

      Honestly I haven’t missed taking photos too much because it has been pretty cold and I had planned this time all along. Then again it was warmer today and the sun was shining …


  9. Girl Gone Expat says:

    Sometimes its good taking a small break – helps creativity and increases the motivation I find:)


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      I completely agree. But it’s probably harder to write a blog post that way!

      Whenever I find creativity, it’s usually in ebbs and flows rather than grinding it out. Maybe it’s just because I’m bored easily.

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  10. Gary Skelton says:

    There could be a support group you could join, maybe some counselling to help you get through this Lyle! 🙂


  11. Honie Briggs says:

    Glad to hear you got through the DTs. How long does it take for upgrades/repairs to your equipment?

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