Chasing ’16 Dreams

I hope the dreams you choose to pursue
And the places you find yourself in 2016
All lead to encounters with wildlife  …
Unless, of course, you prefer something else!

Happy New Year to all the friends and followers of Krahnpix.

Latest Comments

  1. Marco Pesaresi says:

    Happy New Year Lyle, I hope your wildlife encounters are plentiful for this coming year.


  2. Inger says:

    Happy New Year and all the best for 2016!


  3. Dalo 2013 says:

    Wonderful shot Lyle, and wishing you and your family the best. Cheers ~


  4. Steve Gingold says:

    Have a wonderful 2016, Lyle. I am looking forward to your posts which are always fine captures of your local wildlife.


  5. whichwaynow101 says:

    Happy New Year Lyle!


  6. donna213 says:

    Nope, my life needs wildlife. Even those on blogs and TV. 😀 Wishing you a Happy New Year, and a year filled with new nature finds.


  7. lspeng1951 says:

    Happy New Year 2016 to you and your family from Penang, Malaysia


  8. Lavinia Ross says:

    And a Happy New Year to you too, Lyle! That is a beautiful photo to end 2015 and start 2016!
    The nutria are still with us. The count is now 4, a trio of youngsters I got a quick photo of, and one big adult I assume is Big Mama. Mama is skittish, and took off before I could get the camera. The youngsters are out there grazing nightly. At least one of them is a bit aggressive, but stamping my feet and growling gets him to move off a few feet and let me pass.


    • Lyle Krahn says:

      I’ve been saving up this photo since I thot it fit well – glad you agree.

      You are going to have to start a new blog about adventures in Nutria Land. I hope you keep winning the aggression wars.


  9. David says:

    Happy New Year to you too Lyle. I love the shot. Great separation from an almost identically colored background.


  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m hoping the opportunities to see & photograph unique and magnificent wildlife is definitely in my future for 2016!!
    Wishing you the Best is all you Dream as well, Lyle!!


  11. doug keech says:

    Happy New Year Lyle. Best wishes from Kitimat.


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