• Goodbye, Farewell and Goodnight

    Krahnpix was always an odd combination of wildlife photos and my eclectic version of wit. I’m pretty sure I was the biggest fan. I suppose that was a natural outcome of pouring my heart and soul into a project. Through good times and bad, I passionately chased wildlife, learned a few tricks of the trade… Continue Reading

  • The Other Side of Spring

    Even if I don’t have anything good to say … I still manage to write a blog! Spring in Saskatchewan means weather that has occasionally turned nice. Folks here are beside themselves excited to feel the occasional warmth of the sun, listen to the birds chirping and … well … you get the picture. With… Continue Reading

  • Does Wild Really Mean Wild?

    My cursor hovers indecisively over a fantastic wildlife photo. Am I overthinking this? Good grief all that is in play is a lowly like on Facebook! Still I hesitate … There was a time once when I believed a wildlife photo was supposed to be, and I know this sounds a little naive and idealistic,… Continue Reading

  • The Day Quill Died

    It really isn’t that big a deal. Wild animals die all the time. Why make a fuss? Predators kill their prey, animals die from disease and sometimes wildlife will even kill the young of their own species. The natural order of things has a rough edge. With all that death around, why should it be… Continue Reading

  • So it was difficult … that’s irrelevant

    You and I both know when we like a photo. But do we know why? I think I’m getting better at figuring out my reasons but I’m guessing there are a sea of subliminal forces affecting my subjective choices. One aspect recently caught my attention. If a photo is technically more difficult to make, am… Continue Reading

  • Chasing the tack sharp mirage

    Do some phrases bug you after you’ve heard them a few times? Perhaps a commercial you’ve seen too much? Many years ago I went through a phase of reading books on photography. One phrase that kept coming up was the idea of making photos that were tack sharp. Initially I thot it had a nice… Continue Reading