• Sooo hot!

    Imagine you step outside and the blistering heat takes your breath away, seeps into your pores and feels like its sizzling your inner core. You try to find relief but heat has you surrounded and there’s no place to hide. Then imagine a cloud appears and gently releases large flakes of fluffy snow. They slowly… Continue Reading

  • Would you crop … or not?

    We drove by this scene a few times in Yellowstone National Park and every time I knew that I wanted to take a photo of it. I also noted the challenges. The biggest problem was that I couldn’t stand where I wanted – I would have preferred to be about 50 metres to my right.… Continue Reading

  • Why?

    I I like this photo. For many people that might be the end of the thinking process. Not me. Much to my wife’s chagrin, I am constantly asking why. To me, that’s the most interesting question that really gets to the core of the issue. How am I going to over analyze things if I… Continue Reading

  • Fighting sensory fog

    I like to think that I stop and photograph beauty … but sometimes I don’t. I will be on a trip dedicated to photography with my camera gear all ready and willing at my finger tips. I will be in a beautiful place and I will dutifully note the fantastic scene beside me … and… Continue Reading

  • Happy endings?

    Fire seems like such a cruel end to a forest – turning beauty into charred remains. We got closer to fires than we’d planned when we visited Yellowstone for the first time in 1988. We knew there were forest fires before we left, but didn’t fully appreciate where it was all headed. We were not… Continue Reading

  • Hope!

    Only one word comes mind when I look at this photo – hope. What do you see?