• Backyard birds

    I admire photographers who can be intrigued by almost any scene they stumble upon or distracted by any little bird or bug that wanders by the neighbourhood. I enviously look over their shoulder and think that this whole photography thing must be relatively straight forward for them. Unfortunately I am not so easily distracted. While I have a deep passion for wildlife photography, the… Continue Reading

  • Not exactly a love story

    It would be a huge exaggeration to compare my pursuit of wildlife to courtship – so of course it’s too tempting. I find an abandoned road that had long ago disappeared into a large expanse of water. As I drive by, I notice a collection of birds where the road meets the water’s edge. The… Continue Reading

  • Oh we feel the wind

    Saskatchewan gets a lot of different kinds of weather and with that seems to come wind – way, way too much wind. I have often said that you can have a nice day or a windy day but not both. When life gives me lemons, I try to develop coping mechanisms. Over the years I tried a few.… Continue Reading

  • Stalking yellow trees … sort of

    OK stalking yellow trees isn’t hard during fall in Saskatchewan, in fact it’s incredibly easy. I just got this crazy idea that I wanted to get photos of Sandhill Cranes in front of some beautiful yellow leaves. You might think that stubble fields are yellow too, and often a gorgeous yellow, so what’s the problem?… Continue Reading

  • Sandhill Season

    Did you ever get the feeling that you may have been missing out on something? There is a special time of year on the prairies that is quickly becoming my favourite – sandhill season. It starts with the first sighting of Sandhill Cranes in summer and lasts until I can’t find them anymore in fall.… Continue Reading

  • Do you care?

    I participated in a miracle. The scene was a beautiful, calm winter day in northern Saskatchewan. The sky was muted with heavy cloud cover that looked like it could release snow at any moment. We had the snow-packed gravel road to ourselves. Despite knowing better, I was there in the middle of the day – a less… Continue Reading