• Gosling school

    I knew that goslings were cute. What I didn’t know was that they have important life lessons to share. Here’s 10 lessons – worth every penny you paid.

  • A battle of wills

    Since I can be competitive, I am choosing to believe that being out waited is quite different than being out smarted. It all stemmed from an encounter with an osprey which is supposed to have far less than IQ than I. The scene was a glorious place I had visited before. Years ago, we had… Continue Reading

  • Shadowy underworld of Saskatchewan

    This place may not be what it seems. Our province’s past is filled with colourful characters like Gabriel Dumont, a Metis military leader. I was always surprised he was able to move in and out of Batoche for days without getting caught after the Metis were defeated by the Canadian military in 1885. Despite the… Continue Reading

  • Something wrong with this picture

    I always expected photographing wildlife would be difficult – it’s just part of my naturally optimistic nature. After a few years of chasing wild creatures, I now expect to: Wander aimlessly for hours and find nothing Catch glimpses of animal butts bounding away at the first sight of me Get blurry photos after someone forgot… Continue Reading

  • They are staring at you!

    Remember those times when you just knew that everyone was looking at you? While desperately trying to maintain your composure, you casually mentioned it to a trusted family member or friend. Of course everyone just dismissed it out of hand and thot you were a little paranoid. You thot it was good advice so you… Continue Reading

  • Who needs a plan?

    One minute I’m in a peaceful forest and in the next an enthusiastic woodpecker takes over. The sounds seem to come from everywhere. I am thrilled to get distracted from chasing chickadees with ADD.  This is a larger, more significant bird with real capability. There could be lessons to learn. I am fascinated to watch… Continue Reading