• I got nothing!

    It’s official. The drought on our prairies has become a barometer for my creativity. The stunted crops are languishing in the heat and forest fires are showering us with smoke. We need water and the rejuvenation that comes with it. And I fondly remember cooler weather. After 270 blogs, it feels like my creativity well has also run… Continue Reading

  • Some birds don’t have it

    Isn’t it obvious? A few posts back, I bolded stated the obvious – life is not fair. I am back to tell you that not all birds are created equal. You really shouldn’t be shocked. Since I occasionally post photos of birds, people sometimes call me a birder. I’m sure the real birders who know… Continue Reading

  • Stuck in chickadee school

    I have had a complicated relationship with chickadees. It all started years ago when they freaked me out by flying right by my head. This was completely unnerving after watching every other living creature scatter at the sight of my shadow. I thot I must be too close to a nest and they were dive-bombing… Continue Reading

  • Curing owl envy

    Have you ever had owl envy? It feels like something is just not right. Over the last few months I have been like a kid desperately wanting that special toy for Christmas. The seed was planted last winter when I took my first photo of a snowy owl. That really whet my appetite! With no… Continue Reading

  • No change for the better here!

    “It is the nature of a man as he grows older to protest against change, particularly change for the better.” John Steinbeck, novelist. That quote always makes me chuckle. I could never understand the pure craziness of preferring a worse option rather than changing. Then I had a scary thot – it might be happening… Continue Reading

  • Bird dysfunction

    It wasn’t easy but everyone finally assembled for the launch. I tried to get them to look like a functioning team for a portrait but wasn’t entirely successful. Before we could even get started, someone apparently got distracted and headed out. Maybe it was a sign. At first it seemed like everyone was reasonably attentive and… Continue Reading