Bird dysfunction

It wasn’t easy but everyone finally assembled for the launch. I tried to get them to look like a functioning team for a portrait but wasn’t entirely successful.

Before we could even get started, someone apparently got distracted and headed out. Maybe it was a sign.

_T6C5594 (1), cedar waxwing

At first it seemed like everyone was reasonably attentive and wanted to move in the same direction.

_T6C5593, cedar waxwing

Then people started to talk among themselves and some participants felt left out. It was clear that some people were more concerned about personal agendas and egos rather than working on common goals. It was so frustrating to see momentum slipping away. Everyone knew we faced important issues but there was no sense of urgency to deal with them.

_T6C5596, cedar waxwing

As the factions deepened, there were some awkward moments.

_T6C5600, cedar waxwing

Eventually it was clear that no progress was possible in this climate. No one was talking to each other, in fact no one was even pretending to be civil. How could we make any progress without the capacity to organize a functional meeting?

cedar waxwing, _T6C5602

It actually got to be quite silly by the end. No one knew where to look anymore lest they make eye contact.

Thankfully humans are much more civilized in conducting their affairs.

Latest Comments

  1. dweezer19 says:

    I LOVE it…beautiful birds. Cute.


  2. beeseeker says:

    Great photios, but the commentary definitely adds something extra!


  3. cconifer says:

    somehow i think you’re teasing: no, not about the birds, about the humans! if only wishing made it so~ where were these cedar waxwings seen meeting? a lovely series…


  4. adinparadise says:

    Very cute story and pics. 🙂


  5. Stefania says:

    So sweet…great photos!


  6. Janet says:

    Being new to wordpress, I’m finding myself wading through an awful lot of pages, trying to find out what appeals to me. This made me laugh, I loved it……..thank you!!!


  7. mimar9 says:

    Appreciation has its own reward. And I, again, offer you mine. After all, birds will be birds!


  8. Phil Lanoue says:

    Loved that pair at the end. Looked like squabling spouses.
    Neither will admit to being wrong.


  9. doraiswamyganesh says:

    Dear friend, Beautiful pictures indeed.ore beautiful are the poetic words that describe the scenes,individually.They reflect the daily chaos reigning the world of today.In India it is said that an artist is virtually a poet and i feel it so aptly applies to your photography as well as write ups. Please always keep me updated with your lovely work. Ganesh.


  10. Rejoice For The Day says:

    This story suits the pictures so well. Very entertaining!


  11. katleenj says:

    lovely picture with a beautiful story straight from daily life! congrats


  12. mimar9 says:

    Silly. I think not. You, upon considerate reflection, think otherwise. Where have they ( and we ) gone, and why?
    Gazing as we most insistently will at our own most compelling sky.


  13. artsifrtsy says:

    Well done! Great shots and so clever!


  14. Jeff | Planet Bell says:

    I love your posts. You have excellent photos and your stories are short blasts of entertainment for me.

    Those birds remind me of my co-workers.


    • lylekrahn says:

      Short blasts of entertainment is a good way to describe my goal so I’m happy to hear its working. Unfortunately I’ve been in a few people situations that reminded me of those birds.


  15. toughlittlebirds says:

    Hah! Wonderful. I see flocks of waxwings in berry trees all the time, foraging, but I’ve never seen them on a bare branch – what a neat thing!


  16. juditon says:

    Nice picture and story.


  17. westerner54 says:

    We have a large flock of waxwings who have been rather frantically zipping from spot to spot in town all winter. Now I see that their problem is no ability to keep to an agenda!


  18. caleephotography says:

    LOL!! 😀 As usual your pictures are brilliant and the text makes me laugh out loud! It’s like reading a humorous version of NG.


  19. The Green Study says:

    Wow – that was a twofer. Great photos, along with perfect social/political commentary! What kind of bird is that?


  20. La Tribu d'Anaximandre says:

    😀 très dôle ! ♥ je ne suis pas certaine que tous les “humains” sachent mieux communiquer 😉


    • lylekrahn says:

      If the Google translation of your comments is accurate, I actually agree with you that humans also have communication issues. The last sentence was written tongue in cheek – to imply the opposite of what it stated.


  21. Seenorwaynorway says:

    At least you got what you wanted? Just now they they are probably going somwhere – fast.


  22. Fotografin Thee Ballmer says:

    Your nice story makes my day:-) I always have a large smile on my face while reading your stories:-) And I love these birds. I wish we had these guys here in Switzerland. I should get my Bigma within the next days. They would be perfect to shot. Have a nice day and I’m waiting for more cute stories, LG Thee


    • lylekrahn says:

      So happy to make your day – a smile is worth a lot. I wasn’t familiar with the term Bigma so I looked it up. I’m betting you will have a lot of fun with it. Happy shooting!


  23. vanbraman says:

    Wonderful pictures. Looks like a full house in the first picture.


  24. Gunta says:

    😉 Very cute!


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