• Staying Awkward

    I remember many ages being a bit awkward and the current one isn’t any better. It might have something to do with acting my age. I’m pretty sure my maturity peaked in grade nine. I’m almost positive I’d do better a second time around if afforded the opportunity … but then again maybe not. If… Continue Reading

  • The Bison Games

    I have to say one thing about the Bison Olympic Games – they are confusing. Last weekend I caught a glimpse of the competition in Elk Island National Park. I was trying to keep up with these wild bison as they put on quite a performance. I wasn’t always clear on the finer points of… Continue Reading

  • What’s going on?

    There are days when I take myself too seriously. It never happens when I’m shooting wildlife. There are so many things beyond my control that I just hope for the best and then wonder what just happened. I could keep plugging away until I get the perfect shot but where’s the fun in that? It’s far more… Continue Reading

  • The edge of bluster

    I suspect there is a little of each of us in this bison. We were surprised to find him sitting right beside the edge of the road just inches from potential traffic. I decided to stop and take a photo, secretly hoping a car would come from the other direction. Amusingly a car drove right… Continue Reading

  • I’m not sorry

    I am here to say I’m not sorry … or at least I’m trying really hard not to be! Why? Being sorry at the wrong time can have unintended consequences. Here’s two examples. I am excited to hear a presentation only to have the speaker begin with an apology (or three) about not really being… Continue Reading

  • Bison icon

    Familiarity definitely breeds contempt. When I first see a new animal, everything it does is exciting and I’m quickly taking photos. I had the opposite experience in Yellowstone where I found bison hanging around everywhere. I quickly realized I was going to see more bison than I had laid eyes on in my entire life.… Continue Reading