• Singing Simplicity

    I have an uncomplicated relationship with singing (not that anyone ever asked). I do it when no one’s around. It’s a simple rule that I find easy to follow. I don’t need a second opinion about my singing ability or any of the other performing arts for that matter. Something tells me I have a… Continue Reading

  • Photography imitates life

    “When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.” Eric Hoffer, philosopher I don’t know anything about this philosopher but his quote rings true. It’s actually quite amusing to observe this behaviour as it happens. Watch two people enjoying a conversation and they will naturally mimic each other’s body positions. And… Continue Reading

  • Time to change the calendar

    “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” Albert Einstein Krahnpix is committed to changing the stodgy old calendar as a public service to the world. Of course everyone intuitively understands our current calendars are seriously flawed. What’s with leap years, random number of days in a month and… Continue Reading

  • How do you like your bears?

    Whenever I bring up the subject of bears, the reactions are all over the map. When I talked to tourists in Banff National Park last week they just wanted to know where to find them. A sighting immediately created a buzz. A helpful person who worked at a park information centre kept a personal bear count… Continue Reading

  • Completely unhelpful observations

    Gifts are fantastic… but tricky! They have provided me with a life-time of enjoyment morphing from the raw excitement of opening gifts as a little kid to the unmatched satisfaction of giving the perfect gift that lights someone up. But there’s a catch. Sometime before you hand over that gift, you must wander around endlessly… Continue Reading