• The Cool Photographers’ Club

    I should be the perfect candidate to enjoy black and white (B&W) photography. After all, I started out taking B&W photos as a kid and thot it was normal. That’s not entirely surprising since back in those prehistoric days, the whole world was black and white. I remember arguing with my dad that our TV… Continue Reading

  • Delayed lunch

    There are times when I’m drinking up the atmosphere in an idyllic, peaceful setting while casually observing and photographing wildlife. This was not one of those times. My mind was anticipating lunch at the Mammoth Springs Hotel as we headed down a well-travelled road in Yellowstone. I have a love of food that has been… Continue Reading

  • Predator and prey

    The dream scene was unfolding before us. A black bear was ambling within sight of a Yellowstone road, nibbling at whatever caught its eye. In the distance, a bison was grazing comfortably on old grass. An air of anticipation rippled through the photographers watching on the road as they realized that the two creatures might… Continue Reading

  • Wildlife Olympics Spawn Controversy

    The Wildlife Olympics have received little media attention given the unfortunate timing of the Summer Olympics. For the beleaguered wildlife representatives from western Canada, that’s probably just as well. The group started out with such promise, particularly in the synchronized swimming event. However, if the waterfowl team wins a medal, it will be without their… Continue Reading

  • Bear buffet

    Free food is always in demand my boss declared more than two decades ago. It seemed to make sense. In early June of this year, I started to wonder if it was true. We had discovered a number of bears eating dandelions in the Rockies though I didn’t think it was helpful for their image.… Continue Reading

  • One hungry black bear

    There’s nothing quite as special as the first one. I kept searching the landscape on our swing through Kananaskis in Alberta but was not successful. I found some wildlife but not what I looking for – bears! On our second day, we headed up Highway 1A toward Lake Louise to get to our cabin. Suddenly… Continue Reading