• Why are you still here?

    It was a confusing day by the river last week. Despite the bright sun, I felt the cold biting at my inadequate gloves. Winter definitely came early this year. And yet the South Saskatchewan River was covered with huge chunks of ice jostling in the quick current. Was some place upstream cashing in on global… Continue Reading

  • Exposing secrets

    Believe it or not, my aimless wanderings looking for wildlife to photograph are not always successful. I usually need a fall-back plan when I’ve given up waiting for a polar bear to get hopelessly lost and show up in my neighbourhood. Thankfully, there are a lot of ducks where we live, so of course this means… Continue Reading

  • Slough Love

    Sometimes it’s easy to miss the obvious. As I wandered around the countryside these past few weeks, I enjoyed viewing the wildlife activity around the ponds and sloughs. Typically there were a few ducks paddling on the water, some birds flying around the cattails and, if I waited a while, a muskrat often appeared from… Continue Reading