Slough Love

Sometimes it’s easy to miss the obvious.

As I wandered around the countryside these past few weeks, I enjoyed viewing the wildlife activity around the ponds and sloughs. Typically there were a few ducks paddling on the water, some birds flying around the cattails and, if I waited a while, a muskrat often appeared from nowhere swimming aimlessly. Beautiful and peaceful.

A lovely couple in a tranquil setting.

Now I like to think I am a reasonably observant person and I have taken tests that confirmed this. I reinforced this belief by noticing the variety of birds by the water, particularly ducks. I also observed note of some of their behaviours, which helped me to photograph them.

The code in duck love seems to be that when one person flies away, the other has to quickly follow, even if the destination is uncertain.

However, only after considerable time had passed did I finally notice the main event. These sloughs were a hotbed for love! Of course once I caught on it, the ducks were suddenly all hanging out in pairs and seemed genuinely fond of each other. Who knew?

Sharing a moment in the quiet part of the slough.

After I was struck by this epiphany, I made a mental note that perhaps my powers of observation need a little work in the whole romantic field. Hard to believe!

These love birds may have been having an unusual communication problem. I wonder who they would say is the mature one?

I’m not sure exactly how this romantic situation worked but it looked complicated.

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