• Worst. Filter. Ever.

    It is almost discouraging this photo appears reasonable … despite the terrible filter. How could this happen? I admit to spending some money getting quality lenses. A huge factor with each purchase was trying to figure out which lens would provide a sharp image. After I buy a lens, I meticulously keep it clean, so dust or… Continue Reading

  • Complaining works!

    Who ever said complaining doesn’t work? We are driving down a familiar highway into a sunset. Conversation is relaxed and intermittent. My brother asks about my next blog post. I bemoan that events have conspired against my wildlife photography in the last few weeks. Am I still a wildlife photographer if I’m not taking any… Continue Reading

  • maybe you can help?

    Photographing wildlife can sometimes lead me to mysteries that that even Mr. Google can’t answer. After wrestling with these deep questions, I have come to the conclusion I need specialized help in solving them. I have decided that as a reader of this blog, you are eminently qualified. So here goes … Does this pronghorn antelope look better with… Continue Reading

  • Fearing the double b …

    I want every one of my blog posts to have photos and writing that is intriguing, humourous, thotful or something! I like to think I have a thick skin so I welcome honest disagreement or constructive criticism. What I can’t live with is being boring (the dreaded double b)! There I said it. It turns… Continue Reading

  • Imagine if …

    Imagine you taught a fox to eat Imagine you taught a fox to hunt Imagine you taught a fox to feed her kits Would you ever imagine a fox learning so well?

  • Leave already!

    Think about the most annoying person you know … yes that person. Then imagine that individual showing up just when you were about to eat a particularly nice meal. I think that’s what may have happened to a fox I was watching in Yellowstone. The fox was minding its own business. This largely consisted of… Continue Reading