• neglecting respect

    Show indifference to the shades of gray reflecting my years of defying weather. Deride my lines and cracks as though character didn’t matter. Act surprised at my longevity in a tough prairie environ. Ignore that I once was a beautiful tree with light streaming through my branches. Mock my lowly duty of holding up three… Continue Reading

  • Frosty leanings

    Stand tall They said Be strong Look good Your time will come. Days went by and the time did too And the dream started getting soft So I bent a little and leaned some more Trying to lighten the load. It felt right looked good And it was In the right time And they were… Continue Reading

  • Frosty distractions

    Sometimes a distraction becomes the main event. Here I was driving down a beautiful country road on a mission to find wildlife. The sun was shining and a fresh blanket of snow covered everything. It looked promising when I spotted a coyote and some deer quickly running away. I kept driving and hoping for an… Continue Reading

  • Snow changes my view

    It is entirely possible I may be the last prairie photographer to the party, but I may have discovered beauty in round bales. I used to think these bales were, how do I say this politely, functional. After all, farmers have long used them as part of an efficient straw or hay handling system. While… Continue Reading