Snow changes my view

_T6C1998It is entirely possible I may be the last prairie photographer to the party, but I may have discovered beauty in round bales.

I used to think these bales were, how do I say this politely, functional. After all, farmers have long used them as part of an efficient straw or hay handling system. While chasing wildlife, I learned that it was a handy place to look for hawks. Although the hawks and warm weather have moved off the fields, I leave it to farmers to explain why many bales are still in the fields.

It’s hard not to notice the bales in my travels around the countryside. What was once a golden camouflage, now stands in sharp contrast to sunlit snow. But take away the white lids and you’re still left with the same old bale.

Then one day the evening light caught the ordinary and made it appear … better. I began looking at them differently to recognize what had always been there. Now I see them as a prairie icon and keep finding snow-covered beauty in the fields. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Move over classic grain elevator, I think the round bale is the new populist prairie icon … at least until the snow melts.




Latest Comments

  1. Inspired and pretty says:

    Beautiful photos ! You’ve inspired me to photograph those we have in Quebec !


  2. GuillaumeGuillaume says:

    These straw bales are magnificent with of the snow !!!


  3. Kris says:

    When I see bales covered or partially covered with snow, I think of frosted mini-wheats:) I just discovered your blog/photos via updates from WordPress. I’m fairly new to photography in terms of improving my craft, so I love viewing others’ photos. Your photos of hay bales certainly portray a new way of viewing them. Thanks


    • lylekrahn says:

      They do bear a striking resemblance to frosted mini-wheats. I’m pleased that I was able to give you a new perspective on bales. We are all somewhere on the path of improving our photography so welcome to the journey. I too like looking at a lot of photos.


  4. Glenda says:

    Where I live, the farmers like the round bales because they are more resistant to rain, and can be left in the field longer without damage. I wonder whether they also resist the wetness of the melting snow, or whether those will be ruined for use as feed or ground cover later on… Beautiful, anyway! Thanks for sharing your talent/skill with us!


    • lylekrahn says:

      I think the round bales must be quite resistant to moisture and some seem to have a plastic-type wrap around them but I’m no expert in all that. Appreciate you stopping by to comment.


  5. Scott Marshall says:

    I like em too but dont see them in snow like this as I am right on coast – good stuff – love the blog btw it has a great layout


  6. rickbraveheart says:

    Wonderful images Lyle and ones that show a photographer who can look deeply into nature. There is a quietness, almost a familiarity to our own life with rolled bales, whether sitting alone in a landscape or in a group that I do believe catches most people’s awareness. Yet so many times we’re in a hurry and pass them by. But each tells their own story of life, growing from the earth, and eventually returning there. It’s a joy to see how you have honored them and the Earth in this group of images and I hope you’ll find time to pursue this series even further. Well done.


  7. Phil Lanoue says:

    In the words of that great American orator (and major league baseball player) Yogi Berra…” You can observe a lot by watching ”
    Looks like you have indeed observed a lot by beginning to watch these hay bales and noticing the different in the ordinary.


  8. outdoorpictures says:

    I guess the famers produced these bales in excess of what they are able to store. Birds and small mamals certainly welcome the new biotopes in the field!


  9. Seenorwaynorway says:

    They really do make a nice motive!


  10. vanbraman says:

    Brings back memories of when I worked on a ranch. Snow can really change your view of something. Snow can be beautiful, especially a nice fresh snow that you don’t have to go out in.


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