• Does Wild Really Mean Wild?

    My cursor hovers indecisively over a fantastic wildlife photo. Am I overthinking this? Good grief all that is in play is a lowly like on Facebook! Still I hesitate … There was a time once when I believed a wildlife photo was supposed to be, and I know this sounds a little naive and idealistic,… Continue Reading

  • My best wildlife photos in 2015

    All my favourite birds and animals from blogging in 2015 have gathered together for one reason – to get your vote! I’d say they all cleaned up pretty good for the photos! Which one do you like the best? Can’t decide? Vote as many times as you wish but make sure to vote on the… Continue Reading

  • Wildlife Familiarity Index

    One of my many confounding questions is why readers keep coming back to Krahnpix. I have chased dead ends, missed humourous opportunities by a city block and unintentionally, as well as intentionally, confused everyone at some point. And yet here we are! Just as confusing is why people like some wildlife photos better than others… Continue Reading

  • Hope, sausage and making photos

    Hope, sausage and photos have a few things in common. You never know exactly how they are going to turn out and the process is a little messy and unpredictable. At least for me. Today I’d like to pull back the curtain and show how sausage … err one photo … came to be. It started with… Continue Reading

  • Not again!

    For a guy who hates repetition, I seem to have this odd habit of endlessly learning the same lessons. Is it possible to have important information locked in neurons that never land anywhere in my brain? I considered a cash reward for readers … I take photos of beautiful things. Well actually, I take photos of a… Continue Reading