• The Day Quill Died

    It really isn’t that big a deal. Wild animals die all the time. Why make a fuss? Predators kill their prey, animals die from disease and sometimes wildlife will even kill the young of their own species. The natural order of things has a rough edge. With all that death around, why should it be… Continue Reading

  • Unnecessarily uneasy

    Have you ever done everything right and still felt little uneasy about the situation? If you’re not married you may not fully understand the feeling. Late one evening in Banff National Park I came upon a grizzly and three older cubs. By the time we arrived, they were steadily moving away from us, far up… Continue Reading

  • Bear guy

    There are groupies who follow their favourite bands across the country, people who flock to country clubs to play golf and fireworks junkies who can’t wait for the next opportunity to smell gunpowder. Did you know grizzly bears have their own loyal band of followers? It’s no secret if you want to set up a… Continue Reading

  • Roller coaster of wildlife photography

    Photography used to be a lot simpler. I’d remember to take pictures, or not. They would turn out, or not. Either way there was minimal investment of energy … or joy for that matter. Somewhere along the way I started to care a lot more. I should have known this would turn into an emotional… Continue Reading