• April Fools … on me?

    I have been plotting an April Fools post for some time – a devious plan to use my wit to snare people in some cleverly disguised trap. It wasn’t meant to be. Instead, I find myself explaining how I ended up the butt end of my own joke. A few blog posts ago I proudly declared that I… Continue Reading

  • Fearing the double b …

    I want every one of my blog posts to have photos and writing that is intriguing, humourous, thotful or something! I like to think I have a thick skin so I welcome honest disagreement or constructive criticism. What I can’t live with is being boring (the dreaded double b)! There I said it. It turns… Continue Reading

  • Imagine if …

    Imagine you taught a fox to eat Imagine you taught a fox to hunt Imagine you taught a fox to feed her kits Would you ever imagine a fox learning so well?

  • Another world

    There are two worlds in Yellowstone during May. Some people choose to miss out on the best. In the north, it’s dry, dusty and tick friendly (it turns out I’m not fond of all wildlife). Counter intuitively, in the south it’s still a winter wonderland with snow-closed roads. These worlds can be less then a… Continue Reading