• The unknowable path ahead

    Just seeing that merganser thrusting herself up to get a better view makes me smile. With water droplets falling off her feathers, it looks like she’s straining to see the future. She’s not alone. Many creatures have a habit of peering ahead. I can never tell if they are checking for dragons or opportunities or,… Continue Reading

  • Underestimated again

    I think I may have underestimated loons. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked them a lot. There are so many reasons including: That striking pattern on their backs The banding on their necks Their surprising size when you get closer The boldly dark heads with the striking red eyes An ability to keep warm in cool water… Continue Reading

  • Searching for whales

    There’s a unique and dangerous sea creature that prowls the waters of the Arctic. Few have ever heard of it.  Photographying the extremely rare and endangered whalloon is an experience few have enjoyed. I had the incredible opportunity to go to the far north and search for this elusive creature.  The eight-foot-long predator is ideally suited for… Continue Reading

  • Loon IQ?

    What do a dog, IQ and a loon have in common? It’s a bit of an odd tale. (And I couldn’t resist retelling this story with a bias that runs the risk of offending an increasingly large demographic of pet owners. I’m betting on their sense of humour!) Here I was at a beautiful national… Continue Reading