• A reason to howl  

    Imagine a bright moon, a calm night and the echoes of wolves howling at a full moon. The mere thot runs shivers down my spine. Then imagine getting a photo of that iconic scene. Priceless. But suddenly the image is exploded by the ruthless pin of reality. It turns out I’ve howled at the moon more often than wolves.… Continue Reading

  • Sandhill Cranes, Mud and Alligators

    How do I keep my naturally ahem calm and focused demeanour? I have learned to take the shortest, fastest and sometimes unorthodox path between two points. Force me on the road more travelled and I may become … well … a little less calm. I assure you the problem lies not with me – just the obstacles and detours… Continue Reading

  • Doubting mountain doubt

    I should have learned to doubt the doubt. After all the planning and hoping, yesterday we arrived in Dead Man’s Flats, Alberta. This is a bit of an accomplishment since I am probably the oldest kid alive – are we there yet? I was tired but hopeful for the photography opportunities that awaited. In uncharacteristic bombast… Continue Reading