• Bear guy

    There are groupies who follow their favourite bands across the country, people who flock to country clubs to play golf and fireworks junkies who can’t wait for the next opportunity to smell gunpowder. Did you know grizzly bears have their own loyal band of followers? It’s no secret if you want to set up a… Continue Reading

  • missed it by …

    Something is definitely wrong with this picture. I head out into the wild looking for the consummate wildlife image. I have visions of shooting regal-looking animals in gorgeous natural vistas, dappled with perfect light. Or maybe I’m capturing the perfect interaction between two wild critters, or a life and death struggle as a predator tries… Continue Reading

  • The meeting

    It’s a bit awkward We’re in the same space No one arranged it No one is in charge We both look good It’s the golden hour We stare without blinking We are both intrigued I take some photos The deer checks me out The meeting ends We both leave The landscape still looks good

  • Laughing at us!

    Human activity must give deer a good laugh now and then, but especially in the winter. The deer are busy trying to survive in the snow – looking for food and a safe place to rest while keeping a constant lookout for predators, including humans. Meanwhile, all around them, humans are demonstrating all sorts of… Continue Reading

  • It’s a deer’s life

    On a beautiful, sunny day, I was invited to hang out with an extended deer family. I enjoyed their company. I thot I might have the chance to record some behaviour that would be similar to humans – that would make a good post. I looked hard for it but couldn’t find any examples that… Continue Reading

  • Frosty distractions

    Sometimes a distraction becomes the main event. Here I was driving down a beautiful country road on a mission to find wildlife. The sun was shining and a fresh blanket of snow covered everything. It looked promising when I spotted a coyote and some deer quickly running away. I kept driving and hoping for an… Continue Reading