• Distracted by Prairie Penguins!

    A wandering mind is a dangerous thing, especially when looking for a white creature in white snow. The sun, on this beautiful day, is beyond bright – pupil-shrinking, exploding white. I’m wearing polarized sunglasses, that look like welding glasses, and all they do is make the scene beautiful. I squint out the window of my… Continue Reading

  • Framed

    I can hear the cynics now. ‘Oh sure you didn’t see the branches when you took the photos and now you’re saying it’s some fancy approach to photography.’ I’m not saying that never happens since branches hone in on my lens like ticks to a moose. But in these cases, I was trying to get the effect of looking… Continue Reading

  • Intimidating the competition

    Apparently human athletes don’t have a lock on being a show off. For this slightly vain pelican, it all starts with admiring its reflection. Of course any athlete knows it’s important to stretch but this seems a bit showy. Though the audience seems a bit distracted. The next step is a carefully staged, disdainful look… Continue Reading

  • A pelican quota

    I find it amusing that we sometimes ignore beauty that’s close to home. Our family moved to Lanigan, SK before I started grade nine but I had never been to the nearby Quill Lakes area to check on their abundant bird population. I had driven by the signs, been mildy curious but never made it… Continue Reading