Intimidating the competition

Apparently human athletes don’t have a lock on being a show off. For this slightly vain pelican, it all starts with admiring its reflection.

Of course any athlete knows it’s important to stretch but this seems a bit showy. Though the audience seems a bit distracted.

The next step is a carefully staged, disdainful look at the competition. It would be intimidating enough to soften up a worthy competitor but that seems to be highly questionable in this race.

In a flash they are gone. Very quickly the pelican is all by itself with only its shadow anywhere close.

The pelican’s pride remained intact another day.

Latest Comments

  1. Brian says:

    Nice bit of story telling Lyle. I children’s books in your future!! Writing, not reading.


  2. Phil Lanoue says:

    Terrific photos and captions to go along with them! Fit the scene perfectly.
    Can’t believe those other birds did not seem to be impressed by that stretch. 😕 😀


  3. caleephotography says:

    Haha! Never thought pelicans looked posh until now 🙂 Great pictures and story!


  4. westerner54 says:

    Ha! Those snooty pelicans are just too much.


  5. Mike Powell says:

    The pelican shots are wonderful. I am glad that you fought any thoughts you might have had of cropping out the little birds and made them an integral part of your clever story. I especially like the photo of the “stretching” pose. Who knew that pelicans possessed such pride and pretension?


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